Enterprise Business Solutions

IT Force has extensive experience across the Enterprise Business Solutions suite of applications, including Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, and Performance Management. We provide end-to-end offeringsand industry-leading solutions for a huge variety of industries, including Telecoms, Retail, Manufacturing,and Logistics.

Business to Business / Electronic Data Interchange

IT Force leverages its extensive experience in Business-to-Business (B2B), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Technology Services (TS) to offer IT consulting, implementation, and support services. Our B2B solution framework provides customers with the flexible, cost-effective solutions to achieve seamless integration and efficient project management. Our B2B IT outsourcing solutions and EDI implementation services enable customers to efficiently manage their supply chain through e-business strategies.

We offer solutions our global customers across multiple verticals, including retail, manufacturing, technology, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. We offer full life cycle implementation for EDI systems and B2B transactions with post-implementation support. Our bottom line edge: We’ve “been there done that” when it comes to anticipating the unique factors influencing a typical implementation environment and landscape.

Our B2B and technology services are more cost effective as your volume grows and efficiency levels improve.

Value Propositions

Our edge in B2B IT and EDI services space includes:

  • Extensive domain knowledge
  • Project experience across verticals such as Automotive, Retail, Manufacturing, High-tech, Pharma and Logistics.
  • End-to-end solutions in IT consulting, IT development, IT maintenance and IT migration
  • Solution simulation to reduce deployment time
  • Capability to handle large scale engagements
  • Dedicated offshore development centers for some of the customers

Post-Merger and Acquisition IT integration

Newly formed organizations resulting from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are often burdened with disparate and redundant systems, processes, and IT infrastructure across various business units — reducing efficiency and increasing IT service costs. IT Force helps enterprises manage their post-merger and acquisition IT Integration via:

  • Pre-Deal Due Diligence: “As-is” assessment of technology capabilities, Business Processes and Organization’s Readiness to be acquired
  • Post-Deal Due Diligence: “As-Is” study of technology, processes and organization culture of both companies to define “To Be” state of target enterprise based on merger business goals
  • Integration Execution: Managing planned business transition and human aspect of change during implementation of IT integration projects

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Perhaps you’re convinced about the benefits of SOA but unsure on how to move progressively toward a Service Oriented Enterprise. To reap the full benefits of SOA, you need to define the following:

  • SOA application areas within an enterprise
  • How to enable applications and build a process-aligned business enterprise
  • The right time for a particular SOA project
  • IT Force helps companies transform to a Service Oriented Enterprise through our offerings in the strategy, implementation, measurement and governance phases of an SOA program:
  • Strategy: SOA Architecture Planning, Service Discovery
  • Implementation: Service Definition & Cataloging, Service Mosaic Creation, SOA Platform Realization
  • Measurement: Risk Management, Value Management, Enterprise SOA Assessment
  • Governance: Structure and process definition