Information Management

Use Next-Gen Analytic’s To Power Your Data-Driven Organization

The volume of information occupying your servers has reached unprecedented — and what often seems as unmanageable — levels. But with keen insight, big data analytics can pull out a treasure trove of treats from a mountain of daunting data piles.

IT Force experts take an enterprise-wide approach to move tradition-bound clients to “analytics driven” companies that can quickly respond to market and customer demands.

We do this through scalable services that:

  • Leverage proof of concept and learning labs
  • Use sequencing around stated value
  • Apply analytics to operating models and talent strategies
  • Create innovative enablement approaches

We work with some of the world’s largest organizations to boost their data and analytics capabilities. And we design solutions that spot the trends and patterns that create more business opportunity for your organization.

Our Information Management offerings include:

  • Information Architecture & Strategy
  • Master Data Management(MDM)
  • Master Data Governance(MDG)
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • Information Life cycle Management – Data Archival, Test Data Management, Data Privacy, and Masking
  • Data Quality and Data Migration
  • Big Data Services
  • Data Integration

Our scalable, next-gen analytics can create more value for your organization by:

  • Moving you closer to the consumer:Create compelling value that strengthens your brand and attracts and keeps customers
  • Improving collaborate through the value chain:Create synergies and reduce waste and inefficiencies by sharing data and insights
  • Improving visibility:Embedinsights across your organization that lead to better understanding the cost-to-serve customers
  • Strengthening decision-making:Advance to a more predictive approach to decision making

Using Your Data To Drive Better Outcomes

IT Force believes a successful BI strategy is not just about delivering information. It’s about delivering it to the right people at the right time and to the right places in the right way by:

  • Enhancing enterprise reporting
  • Incorporating mobile capability from the get-go
  • Improving self-service capabilities to better access BI assets

We power our scalable BI services through a multitude of hard and soft accelerators. Our services include metadata analytics, visualization frameworks, user workshops, industry-standard key performance indicator catalogs, and performance tuning and quality assurance tools.

Analytic’s Drive Businesses Forward

Big data analytics process huge volumes of data to extract actionable insights. IT Force believes that predictive analytics is essential to every business decision. Our global enterprise clients rely on our big data services to reduce costs, increase efficiency and create new revenue streams.

Our scalable, big data analytics services encompass:

  • Technology labs that evaluate products and benchmark performance
  • Innovative frameworks that address specific domain needs
  • Solution accelerators and data aggregators to speed software development
  • Performance management and next-gen analytics
  • Big data maturity roadmaps and reference architectures
  • Partnerships and alliances with top industry vendors

To keep us in the forefront of big data innovation, our Big Data Academy prepares our engineers and architects for a next-gen, data-driven world. In rigorous 45-day classroom training, students examine emerging global technologies and analyze real-world use cases.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Reporting Mistakes

Most organizations don’t know what to do with the data they spend millions of dollars collecting. IT Force helps global enterprises manage data more effectively, generate more accurate and timely reports, and meet regulatory compliance. We offer a comprehensive set of assets and accelerators, such as assessment and diagnostic frameworks, best practices, and design and development guidelines.

Create the Map to Great Data

Overwhelmed by the information blizzard? IT Force can help you better extract and act on targeted information with our data management and governance frameworks. We have enormous experience dealing with the latest data management tools and technology platforms. And we’ve built accelerators and frameworks that leading enterprises use to research and implement data analytics initiatives.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytic’s Assessment Framework focuses on the evaluation process and recommends solutions, road map and project plans, and methods to ensure successful adoption.
  • RUBIC Master Data Management Framework generates robust applications in a matter of days. The metadata-driven RUBIC MDM framework offers considerable advantages over custom-built solution in terms of features and flexibility.
  • Data Quality Framework provides processes to assess, manage, control and improve enterprise data over time.
  • Data Governance Framework defines policies and procedures for classifying, organizing, and communicating complex activities around decisions and taking action on enterprise data.

Data Integration Architecture Framework addresses operational data stores, data warehouse and data mart implementations.